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HB 149: Florida Bill Could Upend Medical Marijuana Licensing Fundamentals.

News Bills in Florida offer pro and con for patients and would be providers of medical marijuana.

Currently under the constitutional amendment all operations must be vertically integrated, meaning to be licensed and operator must be willing to grow process distribute and sell medical marijuana to qualify.

House Bill 149 would dismantle the vertical integration requirement as a means to open the industry to greater opportunity; however it also requires a very substantial performance bond which could have the opposite effect of the stated desire.

HB 149 would also require a performance bond of $5 million for each applicant, or $2 million if the applicant serves 1,000 or more patients. Issuing performance bonds is a double-edged sword, though: The process verifies that each applicant has the proper financial requirements, but it would come at a high cost to startups, thereby shutting out a large number of mom-and-pop and boutique operations.”

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